Little Stars Greece Crowdfunding Campaign

Little Stars is a film project told through the voices of young people and their families. It showcases the stories of children and young people accomplishing the extraordinary in the face of serious illness. This UNIVERSAL ISSUE touches families everywhere and we’ve seen for ourselves that children’s palliative care services can be effectively delivered even in very low-resource settings.


By traveling the project to Greece to film with the incredible team at Merimna led by Danai Papadotu we hope to increase support for their services which provide such a critical support to families with children suffering life-limiting illnesses in Greece. Currently, Merimna is facing the prospect of closing one or more of it’s services due to a lack of funding.




By supporting this campaign you are joining a coalition of supporters from around the world in advocating for improved access to children’s palliative care.


Little Stars is produced by our Melbourne & Tasmanian based production company Moonshine Movies


The Little Stars project comprises a one hour television documentary and 25 short films for distribution on television, online and on DVD. The short films will be freely available and all films contain calls-to-action supporting programs of our project partners. The project is broad reaching and has been co produced with Al Jazeera Documentary who will broadcast the one hour film to over 30 countries. Little Stars is being distributed by Flame Distribution based in Sydney, London and Athens. The goal of the project is to raise the profile of children’s palliative care globally and improve access to services. It is estimated that 20 million children worldwide could benefit from children’s palliative care but access to services remains an issue (ICPCN).


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Calvin’s Story – Children’s Hospice – Coming Soon

“I’m so desperate for Calvin to get his independence and try to be a normal boy as much as he can,” reflects Maureen Muteesa from London, the mother of 8 year old Calvin who is living with a serious illness.


Calvin’s Story demonstrates the enormous positive impact that children’s hospice can have on the lives of children living with serious illnesses and their families.


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Twinkle Twinkle Little Star – David Suchet – Coming Soon

This short film, narrated by acclaimed British actor David Suchet CBE, communicates some of the key principles of children’s palliative care.

Regrettably, not all children are blessed with the gift of good health.


In fact, there are over twenty million children around the world who have been diagnosed with potentially life-limiting conditions.


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Matteo’s Story coming soon

Care Beyond Cure – Ondine’s Syndrome


“One of the things I remember when we first met Matteo was the phrase ‘we are giving you a baby who is alive’ that phrase meant everything and nothing, it meant that Matteo could die at anytime. Children born with Ondines syndrome do not have the cerebral impulse to breath.” Antonella Zamboni, Matteo’s Adoped Mother.

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Children’s Palliative Care in Greece

Guest Blog by Danai Papadatou


I have been particularly impressed by the significant work being created through the project “Little Stars” which informs and promotes the value of pediatric palliative care for children with life limiting conditions and for their families. It would a unique opportunity for “Merimna” to be included in the “Little Stars” project, and be part of this international project.  Read more…

A Little Magic Unit – Guest Blog in Russian

Guest Blog from the Russian Children’s Palliative Care Foundation


Дела у маленькой Насти развиваются медленно, но она делает удивительные успехи. Всего лишь полгода назад врачи говорили, что она не сможет сама есть твердую пищу, а сегодня она с удовольствием уминает ножку вареной курицы. Вся ее семья, ее прекрасная мама заботятся о ней каждую минуту. Большую поддержку оказывает им Мобильная служба паллиативной помощи детям Благотворительного фонда «Детский паллиатив»

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