Little Stars: Accomplishing the Extraordinary in the Face of Serious Illness will be nationally broadcast in Turkey this year on TRT.


The Turkish Radio and Television Corporation, also known as TRT, is the national public broadcaster of Turkey.


Affectionately known to local consumers as the “School”, it was for many years the only television and radio provider in Turkey.



Little Stars will be nationally broadcast in over 30 countries during 2016 on networks including:


  • Al Jazeera Documentary Channel
  • Grupa One Net Poland
  • TRT Turkey


Little Stars has also been active on the international Film Festival and Awards circuit.

The Little Stars feature film tells the surprisingly life-affirming stories of young people living with life-limiting illnesses. Against the odds these youngsters are making the most of every moment thanks to the support of their loved ones, working in harmony with passionate ‘palliative care’ teams.


The feature film has been Officially Selected for the followed international film festivals:



  • Massachusetts Independent Film Festival 2015 (Boston, USA)
  • Tasmanian Breath of Fresh Air Festival 2015 (Launceston, Australia)
  • Roma Cinema Doc 2016 (Rome, Italy)
  • Sydney World Film Festival 2016 (Sydney, Australia)



In addition, the feature film and short films has been honored by the following awards:



  • Japan Prize 2015 (Tokyo, Japan)
  • Massachusetts Independent Film Festival 2015 (Boston, USA)
  • Tasmanian Breath of Fresh Air Festival 2015 (Launceston, Australia)
  • Roma Cinema Doc 2016 (Rome, Italy)
  • Sydney World Film Festival 2016 (Sydney, Australia)



The film is entered into several more film festivals for 2016, so please subscribe to stay up-to-date on the upcoming screenings around the world.




Accomplishing the extraordinary in the face of serious illness.


Little Stars tells the surprisingly life-affirming stories of young people living with life-limiting illnesses. Against the odds these youngsters are making the most of every moment thanks to the support of their loved ones, working in harmony with passionate ‘palliative care’ teams.


Regrettably, not all conditions can be cured. However, many children with life-limiting conditions will live for years, if not decades. Currently, 20 million children can benefit from palliative care, but access remains an issue.


But for those who are receiving care, the results are incredible. These remarkable stories show young people finding hope, love, joy and attainment in the face of the inevitable.


Little Stars is a film you will never forget. Presented by acclaimed British actor David Suchet CBE, the raw power, insight and emotional honesty of this definitive human interest documentary will leave a lasting impression.


Filmed in USA, Australia, South Africa, Italy, Malaysia, England, Jordan, Russia, India, Greece and Germany.




In Minneapolis, USA, we enter the home of Kali, an adorable 6-year old girl with a love of puppies. We discover how Kali survived being born prematurely with tiny lungs that failed to develop and were unable to support her infant body.


Kali’s mother, Janice, recalls Kali’s birth and the first months of her life in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).


Everyone, including Kali’s doctors, believed that she would die before leaving the hospital. This is when Kali’s family was referred to Dr Friedrichsdorf and his team. The first step in making Kali more comfortable was to treat her pain, very carefully and with very strong pain medications.

After a short period of time it became evident that Kali’s health was improving dramatically. In fact, after the palliative care team had reduced her pain, Kali’s NICU doctors realized that she was well enough to qualify for a life-saving double lung transplant.

Kali was transferred to a hospital in Houston, Texas where she received the life-saving surgery and has subsequently grown into childhood with the ongoing support of her palliative care team.

The insight derived from Kali’s Story is that without the intervention of the palliative care team she would not have survived the NICU. However with palliative care her life was not only was her life enhanced, but actually saved.

We transition into the European city of Padova, Italy where we meet 7-year old Matteo’s foster mother Antonella.

We discover that Matteo is a twin with a rare type of Ondine’s Syndrome, which means that the normal reflex to breathe whilst sleeping doesn’t function. Since he was an infant, Matteo has stopped breathing as soon as he falls asleep.

Matteo’s maternal mother feared she couldn’t care for him as well as his twin, so a foster family was sought for Matteo.

In full knowledge of his medical condition and need for around-the-clock care, Antonella decided to foster Matteo. She had the full support of the local hospice and palliative care team including Dr Franca Benini.

Despite many medical hurdles and the need for special equipment to allow him to breathe whilst sleeping, Matteo has developed into a happy child who has become central to his large adopted family.


In fact, his adopted family believe that Matteo is the greatest gift they could have ever received. “I never, ever regret the decision to take on a child like Matteo. He has brought so much joy to our lives,” reflects Antonella.

The insight derived from Matteo’s Story is that without the support of the palliative care Matteo would have been abandoned as an infant and orphaned.

We transition into the bustling environment of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia where we meet 14-year old Nazmi Nazim. This incredible young man is a mental giant despite having a terribly debilitating degenerative genetic disorder called SMA .

Nazmi was diagnosed with the life-shortening illness when he was a young child. His older sister Atika was already living with, and dying from, the same disease. Nazmi, like the rest of his family, was devastated when she passed away at age 15. But before she’s died she had given Nazmi advice that he took to heart – “study hard, smile, be happy, make others happy, and follow your dreams”.

Since Atikah’s death, Nazmi has become the top of his class at school, learnt sign language and mastered chess – a game he excels in. Despite having no other chess players in his family, Nazmi self-taught to become a chess champion – winning a gold medal at the Asian Para Youth Games after only having played his first game two years earlier. To further challenge himself, Nazmi is now training at ‘blind chess’ so he can compete for multiple medals for Malaysia at the next Paralympic Games.

The great insight derived from his story is that with help from both his loved ones and palliative care physicians he can focus on his abilities, rather than his disabilities, to achieve a high quality of life no matter what condition his health is in.

We transition into the vibrant world of sub-Saharan Africa. Here we meet Ms Naledi Kopane in the central city of Bloemfontein, South Africa.

Naledi was born with HIV and orphaned by the disease at age 3. The responsibility for her care fell to her aunt, who has a family of her own and was finding it very difficult to care for a terribly sick toddler (this was before antiretroviral drugs were readily available). A friend from the aunt’s community referred her to Sunflower House, a newly opened children’s hospice founded by Joan Marston.

We examine how that referral transformed Naledi’s life – allowing her to defy the prognoses of her doctors over decades, get a high-school education, fight discrimination, and ultimately help realize her dream of telling her story to the world.

The insight derived from Naledi’s story is that her reality of living with a life-shortening illness has taught her to live in the moment, value every happiness in her life and be thankful for every new experience.

We land in the city of Melbourne, Australia where we meet Simon and Charlotte – the bereaved father and sister of Marmaduke. When he was 4 years of age, Marmaduke died from cancer, only weeks after his mother passed away from the same disease.

Simon and Charlotte prove that the remarkable is possible. Despite this devastating turn of events, they are able to find gratitude and joy in their grief by reflecting on the quality of the time they spend together as a family. They thank their palliative care team and access to strong pain medications for this gift.

We see that while the death of a child is never easy, it can be ‘well’.




Created by Moonshine Movies


Co Producer Al Jazeera Documentary


Distributor Flame Distribution


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Children’s Palliative Care- Guest Blog by Sue Boucher

Those of us who work in children’s palliative care all have one experience in common… seeing the sometimes surprised, sometimes sympathetic but more often the unmistakable look of shock on the faces of those who innocently ask, ‘So what work do you do?’.


The typical response:


Ohhhhh……really? That must be so hard and so depressing.”

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Little Stars: Japan Prize Finalist

Little Stars: Accomplishing the Extraordinary in the Face of Serious Illness has been bestowed an enormous honor by being named a Finalist in the 2015 Japan Prize.


The Japan Prize International Contest for Educational Media is the world’s most prestigious recognition in the educational media genre. 

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Little Stars Officially Selected for Breath Of Fresh Air Festival

The Tasmanian Breath of Fresh Air Festival has officially selected Little Stars: Accomplishing the Extraordinary in the Face of Serious Illness in its 2015 Festival line-up.


Little Stars tells the surprisingly life-affirming stories of young people living with life-limiting illnesses. Against the odds these youngsters are making the most of every moment thanks to the support of their loved ones, working in harmony with passionate ‘palliative care’ teams. 

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Sabine Kraft guest blog: Bundesverband Kinderhospiz

Guest blog from Sabine Kraft, Bundesverband Kindehospiz, Germany.


Es war ein eindrückliches, unvergessliches Erlebnis, Lucy und ihre Familie an dem Filmtag zu begleiten. Lucy ist ein Mädchen, eine junge Frau, die eine starke Persönlichkeit ist, ein Mädchen, das mein Herz im Sturm erobert hat, eine Heldin. Ich wünsche Dir so sehr, Lucy, dass Deine Kunst und Deine Geschichte überall bekannt wird. Du bist ein Star! 

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Nazmi continues to chase his dream

“I continue to chase my dream of improving my chess game. I was recently chosen to attend the Level 4 Junior Master chess camp. This is the beginning of my dream to take my chess game up a level. I have also passed the first qualifying rounds for the ASEAN Para Games 2015. The games will be held in Singapore this year. I hope to be able to represent Malaysia and win a medal again.


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Chronic Pain In Children

Guest Blog by Dr Stefan J. Friedrichsdorf, Medical Director, Department of Pain Medicine, Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota


“Your pain is real! You are not making it up – you are not crazy! But getting rid of it is hard work: First your life needs to get back to normal, then the pain goes away (and not the other way around…)”


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OFFICIAL SELECTION: Massachusetts Independent Film Festival

Little Stars has won Official Selection into Massachusetts Independent Film Festival.


The Massachusetts Independent Film Festival is a worldwide event for truly independent filmmakers. The festival has screened films from all over America, Australia, Iran, Italy, Japan and many other countries.


We are delighted that Little Stars will be shown in the home state of LeeAnne Curran, whose powerful story features in the film.

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Little Stars in Poland

We’re delighted to report that Little Stars has been picked up for video-on-demand in Poland by Grupa Onet.


Grupa is Poland’s leading online media company focusing on communication, information, entertainment, e-commerce, mobile and advertising. The brand is one the strongest and most recognizable trademarks in Poland. is Poland’s leading portal, with over 3 billion page views and 14 million real users per month (reaching over 72% of all Polish Internet users).


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Life Is To Be Lived

Guest Blog: Dr Chong Lee Ai, Paediatric Palliative Care, Hospis Malaysia


Life is to be lived. That’s how Ahmad Nazmi keeps going.


Disabilities do not hinder him from dreaming. Having a life-limiting illness does not stop him from striving to achieve goals and setting new ones. His sister had the same illness and he saw her die as a teenager. She is his inspiration and his parents are his constant support.

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Together for Short Lives

Guest blog:  Lizzie Chambers.  Development Director, Together for Short Lives.


There are an estimated 49,000 children and young people in the UK living with a life-threatening or life-limiting condition that may require palliative care support. This number may seem small compared to the global need, but for each child and their family, the impact on their daily lives is huge.
Together for Short Lives is here to help make sure that every one of these children and young people and their families gets the best possible care whenever and wherever they need it. 

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True love against the odds – Little Stars Greece

Guest Blog by Mike Hill (Filmmaker, Little Stars)


After visiting 10 countries to capture stories with dozens of families about children’s palliative care you might think that it would be impossible to surprise me.


Not so. In Greece, I found a story – more specifically, a love story – so remarkable that it touched my heart and affected me profoundly.

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Children’s Palliative Care in Greece

Guest Blog by Danai Papadatou


I have been particularly impressed by the significant work being created through the project “Little Stars” which informs and promotes the value of pediatric palliative care for children with life limiting conditions and for their families. It would a unique opportunity for “Merimna” to be included in the “Little Stars” project, and be part of this international project. 

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A Little Magic Unit – Guest Blog in Russian

Guest Blog from the Russian Children’s Palliative Care Foundation


Дела у маленькой Насти развиваются медленно, но она делает удивительные успехи. Всего лишь полгода назад врачи говорили, что она не сможет сама есть твердую пищу, а сегодня она с удовольствием уминает ножку вареной курицы. Вся ее семья, ее прекрасная мама заботятся о ней каждую минуту. Большую поддержку оказывает им Мобильная служба паллиативной помощи детям Благотворительного фонда «Детский паллиатив»

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A Little Magic Unit

A Little Magic Unit – A guest blog from the Russian Children’s Palliative Care Foundation


Things are going slow with little Anastassia but she is making incredible progress – she can eat and swallow solids today though less than a year ago it was predicted impossible. Her family, her beautiful mother are with her every minute, as the Mobile Palliative Care unit of the Russian Children’s Palliative Care Foundation is there to provide support 7 days a week.


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Dreams are the stuff that hope is made of

Guest Blog by Ednin Hamzah, CEO/Medical Director Hospis Malaysia


Dreams are the stuff that hope is made of. And talking to the children that we are involved with gives us an insight into the dreams that they have. In listening to Linges as she relates her hopes and dreams, her eyes brightened as she perceives a better future despite her illness.


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For there is still such a lot to do

Guest Blog by Gail Featherstone


Gail Featherstone is the wife of the former British High Commissioner to Malaysia His Excellency Simon Featherstone CMG. Gail authored the delightful children’s book ‘Mr Monty’s Treat’ with proceeds from the sale of the book divided between Hospis Malaysia and East Anglia Children’s Hospices in the UK.


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Great Ormond Street Hospital Testimonial

‘Charlie’s Story’ in The Louis Dundas Centre’s, Paediatric Palliative Care Foundation Programme, Great Ormond Street Hospital


The Louis Dundas Centre at Great Ormond Street Hospital is a world-class centre of research, teaching and clinical practice in palliative care for children and young people.


Testimonial from Liz Crighton, Practice Educator Paediatric Palliative Care Foundation Programme Project, The Louis Dundas Centre


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Palliative Care Australia

Guest Blog by Liz Callaghan – CEO Palliative Care Australia


The Little Stars project shows children all over the world at their most vulnerable. Regardless of where they are, the thing that shines through in these films is the unconditional love children give and receive.


The films are not overly emotional in portrayal. They highlight the incredible strength of families and the way they turn adversity into a richly rewarding experience.


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Little Stars – A Dinosaur’s Tail

Guest Blog by Simon Waring


A Dinosaur’s Tail: Marmaduke at the Royal Children’s…


A dinosaur’s tail seems a frivolous detail to remember about my four-year old son’s Palliative Care, and yet it epitomizes the gentle approach of the Royal Children’s Hospital.


Read more…

So much more than end-of-life care

Guest Blog by Janice Eason


Kali would not be here today if it would not have been for the help of her pain and palliative care team.  They have been with her since the beginning and are still a part of her life today.  The work they do is so much more than end of life care which is what I originally thought when I first met Dr. F.


Read more…

Hope for the Best, Prepare for the Worst

Guest Blog by Dr Stefan Friedrichsdorf


Pediatric Palliative Care is making sure that children facing a serious illness can live as long as possible, as well possible. While we hope for the best, we prepare for the worst.


Read more…


Guest Blog by Dr John Collins


Throughout the world, the preferred location of care for children receiving palliative care is  home for the majority of the time. At times hospital and hospice care are needed, but most families desire to be at home with their children, or close to home, for as long as possible. Home is where families feel most empowered to be themselves in their ordinary routines, with a minimum of rules and regulations. Home better supports the needs of siblings in their ordinary routines to attend school, for example. Home also better supports the needs of an extended family to visit and offer support.

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Guest Blog by Katherine Irene Pettus, PhD


Read in French Blog de Noël






When the heart breaks God can come in.  The wound is the place where the Light enters you,” Rumi.

The Christmas season calls Christians to reflect on what we call the Incarnation, or God taking human birth in a little child destined to suffer and die at the hands of those whose power he threatened. This blog reflects on how we, as community members, can serve the Incarnation in the persons of seriously ill children and their families, bringing gifts, like the Magi, of ourselves, our treasure.

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Blog de Noel

Guest Blog by Katherine Irene Pettus, PhD

Translated by Ursula Barter




Lorsque le cœur s’ouvre, Dieu peut entrer – « c’est par la blessure que la lumière peut pénétrer en nous. (Rumi).


Le temps de Noël est un appel à tous les chrétiens de réfléchir sur ce que nous appelons l’incarnation – Dieu qui nait en petit enfant destiné à souffrir et à mourir entre les mains de ceux dont Il menaçait le pouvoir. Ce blog est une réflexion sur comment, membre de la communauté, nous pouvons être au service de l’incarnation dans des enfants gravement malades et leurs familles en leur apportant, tout comme les rois mages, les dons de nous-mêmes et nos trésors.

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Гостевой блог Кэтрин Ирэн Петтус, Доктор Наук


Read in English


Когда сердце разбивается Бог может вступить. “Рана – это место, через которое в тебя входит свет” Руми (Джалаладдин Руми, выдающийся персидский поэт-суфий).


Рождество даёт нам возможность задуматься над тем, что мы называем Воплощением, или Богом рождающемся в младенце, которому суждено страдать и умереть от рук тех, чьей власти он угрожал. Этот блог о том , как мы, члены общества, можем служить Воплощению преподнося, как волхвы дары и самих себя тяжелобольным детям и их семьям.

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Guest Blog by Sister Frances Dominica


The greatest tragedy any family can face is the death of a beloved child. It can and does happen in every part of the world, it always has and always will. The way in which society copes with such an event varies from culture to culture. Families have often felt alone in this tragedy, whether in the setting of a state of the art intensive care unit or on a pavement in a slum city.

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Little Stars burn Bright at World Cancer Congress

Article by Rob Gill for eHospice


The World Cancer Congress in Melbourne last night (Friday 5 December) celebrated the official Australian launch of Little Stars, the locally-produced series of films at the heart of a global advocacy project highlighting the need for greater access for children to palliative care.

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Guest Blog by Barbara Gelb


I am writing this BLOG fresh (or not so fresh!)  from a TV appearance doing a virtual cycle ride from London to Lapland for a major Christmas charity appeal here in the UK.


The profile of children’s palliative care has never been higher, but there is still so much more to do to reach all of the UK’s 49,000 babies, children and young people with a life-limiting condition.

Read more…

Launch of the Little Stars Project

Guest Blog from Joan Marston


It has been such a delight to meet up with friends and colleagues from all over the world, here in beautiful Roma but here not to spend all their time visiting the ancient and wonderful sites of this amazing city, but because they care about children with life-limiting conditions. It is a sobering thought that while we are excited to be together, to learn and to share our experiences, there are over 20 million children and families battling with the day to day challenges that such illnesses bring into their lives.

Read more…

Little Stars – Childhood Epilepsy – Joseph’s Story

We have just released Joseph’s Story as part of our Little Stars Indiegogo crowd funding campaign.


About Joseph’s Story by Fiona Stewart


“The most surprising thing I have learnt about paediatric palliative care is that it is not just about endings. Palliative care is really a steady arm to lean on: it supports you to make your time together the best it can be, and it helps families take some control back over their lives.

Read more…


Thanks to the tremendous support of the first 75 Funders of the Little Stars Indiegogo Campaign we have been able to record the narration for the one-hour feature film with acclaimed, award-winning British actor David Suchet CBE (most famous for his portrayal of Agatha Christie’s Poirot).


THANK YOU!!!  Check out a sample of David’s performance by watching the updated campaign video now…

Read more…




The makers of “Little Stars” the full length movie and short feature films on children’s palliative care have started a crowdfunding appeal to get them to the finish line in time for the film premiere at the World Cancer Congress in Melbourne this December.


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We have spent an amazing week in Padova, Italy. Our hosts The Maruzza Foundation and Hospice Pediatrico Casa del Bambino were fantastic and enabled us to film with some incredible children and their families who are receiving support from the palliative care team at the hospice.


The work being done by the team at Casa del Bambino is exemplary. Currently it is the only paediatric hospice in Italy.



Matteo is an energetic seven year old.   An extraordinary family who took him on despite his life threatening illness,

Read more…


What an amazing week we’ve just had in Malaysia filming for Little Stars!  Not only did Hospis Malaysia play fabulous hosts to us, introducing us to some of their wonderful patients in Kuala Lumpur but we also had the enormous privilege of meeting Malaysian Royalty when we traveled to Johor Bahru to film at the Pediatric Palliative Care ward in Hospital Sultan Ismail.


A visit by Her Royal Highness Raja Zarith Sofiah Idris, the Royal Patron of the Malaysian Paediatric Palliative Care Programme was arranged for the day of our filming.  Her Royal Highness plays an important, ongoing role in advocating for implementation and improved services for paediatic palliative care in Malaysia.  It was a pleasure to meet her and witness the joy and excitement the children on the ward had at the opportunity to meet her.


Read more…

Introducing LeeAnne- Little Stars USA

Introducing LeeAnne, one of the stars of our Little Stars project.  We had the great experience filming with LeeAnne in Boston last year.  LeeAnne is 34 and doing an amazing job of living with Cystic Fibrosis, a life limiting illness she was diagnosed with at age 2.  During our time with LeeAnne and her little dog Curly we gained some real insight into life with this illness and were blown away by her courage and tenacity.


LeeAnne lives with her fourteen year old son and husband and despite her condition she has an incredible outlook which she attributes to the support she gets from her palliative care team out of the Boston Children’s Hospital.  We look forward to sharing more of LeeAnne’s story with you in the coming months.


Read more…


We’ve hit the ground running with funding confirmed for filming in the United States and South Africa later this year. If you haven’t had a chance to watch the first short film in the series ‘Value Every Life’ its online now and we encourage you to watch and share it with your friends and colleagues.


The broad project goal is – To ensure that every child needing palliative care can access it worldwide, thereby relieving the suffering of children and families facing life-limiting illness.  As part of the projects advocacy efforts designed to help reach this goal, we are inviting you to host a screening.  Please ‘Make A Pledge’ to do so and when the films are complete in 2014 we will provide you with a copy of the collection of ‘Little Stars’ films on DVD to facilitate your screening and keep for your own use.


Read more…

Scene 1, Take 1 – Little Stars South Africa

We’ve returned home from our first filming trip to Cape Town and Bloemfontein, South Africa.


It was an incredible experience to film with the children and team of Sunflower House and witness the breathtaking story of Naledi, one of the hospice’s very first patients who is now 22 years old and taking the world by storm!


Read more…

Hello World!

Three cheers!  The Moonshine Movies team is delighted to be posting our first news stories on the brand new Little Stars website!


Little Stars is a series of films about the surprisingly life-affirming stories of children around the world living with life-shortening illnesses.  Against the odds, these very special kids are making the most of every moment thanks to the support of their families, in harmony with passionate ‘palliative care’ teams.


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